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The passage of the Housing Act of 1949 established a new national policy which for the first time provided for federal assistance for urban redevelopment in addition to public housing that had been in existence for 15 years. This commenced the relationship of housing and redevelopment officials under one common cause… to provide for decent housing and a suitable living environment for all Americans. Later legislation, beginning with the Housing and Community Development Act of 1974 and most recently the Quality Housing and Work Responsibility Act of 1998, has kept this collective interest intact. Missouri NAHRO is the only organization in our state representing the interest of housing, community development and economic development officials. The membership is composed of professional individuals and agencies at all levels of government and also private industry who are involved in revitalizing Missouri’s communities and providing affordable shelter to persons and families with limited incomes: our common goal.

Missouri NAHRO is one of 43 active State chapters which form the nucleus of the National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials (NAHRO). In order to better serve our interests, state chapters are grouped into regional councils and through the regions, we network our influence to the national organization. Missouri NAHRO is in the Southwest Regional Council along with the chapters of Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Texas. The organization structure is similar at all three levels in order for state representatives in areas of special interest to serve on corresponding committees at the regional and national levels. It is then through the regional framework that information is passed to and from the national association. This allows us to have immediate updates from Washington and enables us to have a strong, collective voice in influencing decisions made on a national basis.

In order to make membership affordable, Missouri NAHRO offers a variety of memberships. Memberships are available to agencies and units of local governments and associate members of these groups. There are also affiliate memberships for the private sector. You may be a member of the State Chapter without holding Regional or National membership, or you may wish to choose joining all three and expand your horizons even further. Every organization is only effective through the strength of its membership. You have much to gain in becoming an active part of Missouri NAHRO. As important, though, through your experience, knowledge and active participation, Missouri NAHRO has much to benefit.

Membership Benefits:


  • State, Regional & National Legislative Representation

  • Scholarship Opportunities on the State, Regional & National Levels

  • Annual Award Program

  • Professional Training Opportunities & Certifications

  • Low Membership Fees

  • Reduced Rates & Discounts on all Training Events & Conferences

  • Networking & Business Partner Referral

  • Legislative Updates

  • Complimentary Job Postings to Membership

                 ..... and much more.....


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