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Housing Choice Voucher Occupancy, Eligibility, Income and Rent Calculation (HCVOEIR) w/ Certification Exam

This NAHRO Professional Development offering combines two seminars — Housing Choice Voucher Occupancy and Housing Choice Voucher Eligibility, Income, and Rent Calculation — into one comprehensive program. This seminar now meets three of the professional development requirements for NAHRO’s Housing Choice Voucher Occupancy Specialist Certification, including the Ethics for Specialist module.

This seminar will provide participants with an understanding of the vast regulatory guidance that has formed and shaped the Housing Choice Voucher program. It focuses on effective interviewing, waitlist management, screening, outreach and marketing, and accurate application of eligibility, income and rent calculation regulatory compliance. The nuts and bolts of dealing with eligibility, income, and rent calculations will be mastered through engaging participants in skill development and practice. Most importantly, this class will equip participants with the necessary skills to reduce errors and avoid HUD findings in compliance audits.


Day 1: 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
           1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Day 2: 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
           1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Day 3: 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Day 4: 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
             1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Day 5:  – 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
                                                     1:00 PM - 4:00 PM - Certification Exam 

*Please bring a calculator

Who Should Attend? :

Front line staff, case managers and supervisors responsible for managing wait lists, applications, and certification/
recertification tasks.

NAHRO Continuing Education Units (CEU’s)
Training Completion = 3.05
Certification Exam = 0.20
Total = 3.25


DAY 1 - Generally (8:30-4:30) each day 

Overview of Program

Waiting List and Tenant Selection
 Overview and Objectives
Administrative Plan 
Opening the Waiting List 
Conducting Outreach to Families 
Limited English Proficiency 
Closing the Waiting List 
Purging the Waiting List 
Maintaining the Waiting List 
Maintaining Waiting List Documentation 
Accepting Applications 
Processing Applications and Application Content 
PHA Selection Preferences Selection from the Waiting List 
Income Targeting Requirements 
Special Admission/Non-Waiting List Admissions 
SEMAP Indicator 1, Selection From the Waiting List 
Exercises on Waiting List Management 

Eligibility, Denial of Assistance & Income 
Overview and Objectives 
Administrative Plan 
Eligibility Requirements 
Limited English Proficiency 
Denial of Assistance 
Determination of Unit Size
Non-Discrimination and Equal Opportunity 
Exercises on Eligibility 

DAY 2 
Verification of Factors 
Income and Rent Determination Policies 
File Documentation 
Verification of Social Security Number
Required Consent by Applicants & Participants 
Requirement for Third Party Verification 
Verification of Income 
The EIV System 
Levels of Verification 
Verification Guidance on Social Security and SSI 
Exceptions to Third Party Verification Requirements 
Verification of Mandatory Deductions 
Verification References 
Exercises on Verification 

Annual Income and Adjusted Income 
Definition of Annual Income 
Income Inclusions 
Determining Income from Assets
Income Exclusions 
Adjusted Income 
Exercises on Income, Assets, Exclusions and Adjusted Income 

DAY 3 
Calculating Rent, HAP Payments and EID 
Overview and Objectives TTP, Maximum Initial Rent Burden, Maximum Subsidy, etc 
Rents and Payments 
Prorated Assistance 
Minimum Rent 
Imputed Welfare Income 
Earned Income Disallowance 
How Much Does This Unit Cost? 
Can I Afford The Unit I Have Found? 
Exercises on Rent, HAP, Imputed Income, and EID 

Day 4 
Payment Standards 
Overview and Objectives 
Establishing Payment Standard Amounts
Revising the Payment Standard 
Applying the Payment Standard 
Housing Choice Voucher Homeownership 
Related SEMAP Indicators
Exercises on Payment Standard 
Housing Search and Leasing 
Overview and Objectives 
Voucher Issuance 
Family Obligations 
Search Time, Extensions, and Voucher Expirations 
Assistance to Families During the Housing Search 
Request for Tenancy Approval 
PHA Approval of the Tenancy 
PHA Disapproval of Owner 
Tenant Screening 
Lease and Tenancy 
Term of Assisted Tenancy 
Maintaining Data on Issuance, Search Time, and Success Rates 
Monitoring and PHAs Actions to Reduce Cost 
Overview and Objectives 
Frequency of Annual Reexaminations 
Reexamination Procedures
Increase in Rent to Owner 
Interim Reexamination Related SEMAP Indicators
Working on the Pretest and Other Group Exercises 

Overview and Objectives 
Recent Revisions 
Determining Family Eligibility 
Denial of Portability 
Initial PHA Responsibilities 
Receiving PHA Responsibilities 
Related SEMAP Indicators 
Terminations of Assistance and HAP Contracts
Overview and Objectives 
Termination of Tenancy 
Tenancy Addendum Conditions
HAP Contract Terminations 
PHA Termination of Assistance for Family Obligations 
Informal Review and Hearings 
Overview and Objectives 
Notice of Rights 
Circumstances That Require the Offer of an Informal Review or Hearing
Timing of Informal Hearings 
Informal Review and Hearing Process 

Review for Exam 
Exam in the Afternoon of Day 5