Missouri Chapter of NAHRO

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Committees & Minutes 

General Business Meeting Minutes 

Executive Committee Minutes

Standing Committees


VP Commissioners

Carol Branham

email: nevmopha@sbcglobal.net

Commissioners Committee….this committee shall serve to broaden the constituency supporting the goals and objectives of the Association, support programs to expand the skills of commissioners to effectively discharge their responsibilities, and work with staff, leadership and membership at all levels of the Association in fulfillment of these purposes.

Professional Development


VP Housing

Dawn Davis

Email: dawnd@hasproperties.org

Housing Committee: This committee address’s program areas and recommends action to the Corporate Board regarding but not limited to, program dollars, legislation, regulations, administration at federal, state and local levels and the effective representation of the membership’s interest therein.



Robert Rorah

Email: bob@boonvillepha.com

Community Revitalization and Development Committee….This committee function's the same as the housing committee but relating to Community Revitalization and Development issues.

Member Services

VP Member Services

Rosetta Hartley

Email: noeled@noelhousing.com

Member Services Committee….this committee shall serve the general and special interests of the members which cut across program and professional lines; represent the special interest groups within the membership, including but not limited to minorities, commissioners, and women and shall work to coordinate supportive products and services rendered by the Association such as conferences and conventions, workshops and seminars, publications, representation and such related matters, and shall be responsible for maintenance of and accurate Chapter membership roster and the solicitation of new members.

Member Services Committee Meeting Minutes 9/2022

Special Committees

Legislative - Vice Chair, Patti Preston 

The Legislative Committee shall serve as forum for the exchange of knowledge, ideas and experience; facilitate effective relationships among all levels of government in the development and implementation of housing, community and economic development programs and responsibilities; and cooperate and collaborate with other agencies, associations and groups both public and private, having similar or related purposes.

Legislative Committee Minutes 09/2017

Legislative Committee Minutes 03/2017

Legislative Committee Minutes 09/2016

Legislative Committee Minutes 03/2016

Legislative Committee Minutes 09/2014

Scholarship - Vice Chair, Rhett Ehlert

The Scholarship Committee is responsible for reviewing the Scholarship application for any revision. Review Scholarship application and create a time frame for judging and submission of committee member selections and rankings.

Scholarship Committee Minutes 03/2022

Scholarship Committee Minutes 03/2016

Site Selection

The Site Selection Committee is responsible for making recommendations to the Executive Board for the City for future MO NAHRO Meetings. 

Awards Committee - Vice Chair, Missy Mahurin

The Awards Committee is responsible for reviewing the Awards application for any revision. Review submitted Awards application and create a timeframe for judging and submission of committee member selections and rankings. The Awards Committee is sub-committee of the Member Services Committee