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Administration of Personnel

Disclaimer: The Personnel Policy below is a sample policy and is intended solely for informational purposes and should not be construed as or used as a substitute for legal advice.  As with any policy, each situation is different and  requires an evaluation of precise factual and legal circumstances and a review of applicable laws and requirements by an attorney.


Personnel Policy (Template only) PDF Document 124KB

Personnel Policy (Template only) Word2003 Doc 89KB

Affirmative Marketing 

Affirmative Marketing Policy PDF Document 6.39KB


Audit and Review 

Audit Review Policy PDF Document 4.37KB


Budget Control 

Budget Controls Policy PDF Document 3.93KB


Capitalization - Equipment & Personal Property 

Capitalization Policy PFD Document 68.1KB


Cash Receipts 

Cash Receipt Procedure Policy PDF Document 265KB


Criminal Management 

Criminal, Drug Treatment, and Registered Sex Offender Classification Records and 

Management Policy PDF Document 14.1KB


Tracking and Reporting Crime Related Problems 

Policy and Procedures PDF Document 65.4KB


Credit Card Procedures 

Credit Card Procedure Policy PDF Document 53.8KB


Drug Free Workplace 

Drug Free Workplace Policy PDF Document 24KB


Fiscal Administration 

Fiscal Policy PDF Document 210KB


Information Technology 

Information Technology Policy PDF Document 64.7KB



Inventory Control Policy PDF Document 154KB

Inventory and Disposition Policy PDF Document 8.15KB



Investment of Funds Policy PDF Document 85.2KB



Key Policy PDF Document 12.1KB


Funds Transfer 

Funds Transfer Policy PDF Document 54.9KB


Lead Based Paint 

Lead Based Paint Policy PDF Document 73.9KB


Maintenance Management 

Maintenance Management Policy PDF Document 62.6KB


Maintenance Plan 

Maintenance Plan PDF Document 80.8KB

Maintenance Plan July 2007 - June 2008 PDF Document 80.3KB


One Strike and You're Out 

One Strike and You're Out Policy PDF Document 122KB



Parking Policy PDF Document 67.4KB



Pet Policy PDF Document 81.6KB

Pet Policy Agreement PDF Document 6.65KB

Q & A

Q.  What's the difference between policy and procedure?

A.  Procedure documents are internal documents that a PHA has to direct staff to perform actions.  These are not adopted by the Board.  Policy documents tell the staff and the rest of the world what you will be doing, not how.  Policies must be adopted by the Board.   

For example: 
You have a community service policy.  It informs everybody on who, what and when residents must perform community service for your PHA if you have public housing.  Your procedure document would tell your staff when to collect and what documentation they must collect from your tenants.  It would also provide information on your staff on the process that your policy has established on non compliance with the requirement.  It would tell them what form of notices you must send out, contain a sample notice to be used and any other information that you would feel necessary to keep all staff performing the same action on a routine basis, with instructions on who to contact for non routine items.


For Verification: 

Your policy would tell what types of verification you will be using, the various steps (the hierarchy) and the forms required to obtain the various verification methods.  The policy will also discuss the requirements from moving from one level to the next. Your procedure document will tell your staff what to do to carry out the policy. 

For example: 
Your policy states that you will use UIV systems. Your procedure will  tell your staff which systems to use, such as:

1. Use EIV first, if information is not in EIV, print the page showing no data found and place it in the tenant file. Then go to the Work Number, if the fax reports no data found, place the fax in the tenant folder. Then go to Choicepoint, if no data found, then send out third party written verification to the address the tenant supplied at the time of the interview.  Wait 10 working days and send a second request.  If no response, write action in tenant file and go to the next level by calling the employer.

This is the type of procedure HUD is looking for.  It tells your staff what to do when and how to do it.  Procedures are important for PHAs to keep all staff performing correctly especially on situations such as EID for Section 8 where the action is not frequent.  It also helps you as a supervisor to eliminate errors before they become a problem because you have given your staff clear written instructions on how to perform a policy requirement.

Procedures are not approved by the board, they are internal to the PHA and need to be changed quickly, which Board approved documents cannot.  Procedures do not require posting or review by non staff.  HUD may want to see your procedures to help you clear up problems or improve your processing but they are your internal functions.   

Remember, anything that tells the world what it is that you are going to do is a policy.  How you are going to carry out the policy is your procedure. 

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